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Currently, most training is self-learning done on the job, which proves time consuming and costly in terms of lost productivity and allows minimum measurement of outcomes or guarantee that the correct solutions have been arrived at.

Aquest Academy helps your people rocket up the learning curve by offering bespoke training programmes on EU and Irish funds regulation and compliance. Our programmes range from 101 training for people who want a high level understanding of funds regulation and structuring to a full outsourced training programme for legal and compliance professions who are immersed in the funds industry and want to develop their expertise while also meeting CPD requirements.

These bespoke programmes are designed to match your people's learning and development needs, drawing directly from Daniel Lawlor's unique experience, gained both in industry practice and as a securities regulator.

You can build a tailored training programme that suits your people's needs by selecting from our range of expert learning modules on investment fund regulation and compliance. For your ease and convenience, training programmes are delivered at your office. These are tailored to investment fund professionals across all experience levels.
Investment Funds 101 Programme
Structure of funds:
-What is a fund?
-Legal structures
Regulation of funds:
-Authorisation of funds
-Supervision of funds
Outsourced Training Programme
Investment funds in context
UCITS in detail
AIFMD in detail
Key provisions for fund management companies
Key provisions for depositaries
Key provisions of structuring legislation
Bespoke product types
  • Money Market Funds
  • ETFs
Dealing Effectively with the Regulator Programme
Training session:
-Regulator's approach to authorisation and supervision
-Common mistakes when dealing with the Regulator
-Thinking like a Regulator
-Practical tips for dealing effectively with the Regulator
NEW: Organisational Effectiveness Role: Design Excellence Programme
Regulatory objectives of OE role
Key features and regulatory obligations of OE role
Design a bespoke OE role profile
Construct an OE reporting framework

Intensive Training For All Experience Levels

Aquest Academy's has learning modules for investment fund professionals across all experience levels. You can design a training programme for staff at the same experience level or you can have separate sessions for staff at different experience levels.

For example, you may want intensive training for new starters in the morning, for staff 2-3 years Post Qualification Experience in the afternoon with a session on 'Dealing Effectively with the Regulator' for Partner-level staff at lunchtime.

Alternatively, you might want an full intensive training day for one person. In a tight labour market, it's difficult to hire someone who's the finished product. Mostly, you are hiring potential people who have talent and enthusiasm but little investment funds experience. A full day of intensive one-to-one training will help deliver on potential quicker and will help your people rocket up the learning curve. They will hit learning and development goals much quicker than through traditional on the job learning.

Want other topics covered?

If there are topics that you would like covered and they are not included in our list, contact Aquest at to discuss designing bespoke training for you.

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