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Aquest Academy's subscription based website provides continuous online learning and unique tools to help your people learn quicker and work better.

With a subscription to Aquest Academy On-line, you become a member of the Aquest Academy community which provides continuous learning and support. Membership of Aquest Academy On-line gives you access to the Aquest Linked Rulebooks and to the Aquest Academy On-line Tutorials.

As a member, you have access to continuous learning through the Aquest Linked Rulebooks, an online library of previous tutorials and monthly on-line tutorials. This ensures you are provided with training throughout the year 24/7, and not just when the trainer is on site.

Aquest Linked Rulebooks

The fragmented nature of rulebooks and guidance is a source of frustration and concern to financial services firms. Rulebooks are currently quite difficult to use because they are spread across a number of different documents.

Aquest Academy solves this complex problem. Aquest Linked Rulebooks link and consolidate various rules, guidance, QAs and background materials so that all relevant rules and guidance are pulled together with the click of a button.

Included are consolidated rules from EU (level 1 and 2) and Irish Legislation as well as relevant ESMA and Central Bank guidance and QA's.
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Aquest Academy On-line Tutorials

Aquest Academy delivers monthly on-line tutorials where your people get to set the agenda and receive the training they want. We cover recent regulatory developments and create bespoke content for the tutorials based on your people's needs identified through their feedback and the in-person training modules. Tutorials are then available to Aquest Academy On-line members for future reference.

Aquestion? Aquest. Our live on-line tutorials allows your people to interact with their tutor and provides a place where they can bring their questions and get expert guidance on how to answer them. They also get to suggest topics to be covered in the next tutorial.
Details of the next tutorial:

September 2019In Focus: Organisational Effectiveness Role
October 2019In Focus: Fund Administrator Outsoucing

Topics for later tutorials will be set based on your feedback and regulatory developments.

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