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#WWRD; What Would the Regulator Do launches today looking at the 'annoying' CBI and SEAR

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Sometimes it's helpful to have an ex-regulator's perspective that is anchored between a financial regulator's perspective and a regulated firm's perspective.

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Of course, bridging the two perspectives facilitates an ideal outcome that lends itself to both parties.

How we bridge those two perspectives requires patience, skill, experience and the absence of having one agenda over another.

We ran an announcement over on Linkedin introducing the concept last night with an invitation to submit your question and context to Shannon at Aquest dot ie (just in case you want to to get in on this.

What do they say?

Ask and you shall receive?

Our first query landed at 11am this morning. It was with regards to well-publicised comments from about 5 days back that the Central Bank of Ireland's continued focus on the tracker mortgage scandal was 'annoying' and that it should 'turn the page'.

We will be refining and upgrading #WWDR over the next few weeks, but for now, we share our inaugural #WWDR piece that has led us right back to SEAR.

While we are here, if you haven't come across the white paper produced by Savvi Recruitment, you can do that here. Fitness and Probity Today, SEAR Tomorrow; the shifting sand in recruitment.

#WWRD // KBC Bank and wanting to cease the mortgage tracker review.

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