Practically applied knowledge by Aquest Advisory.


Structured and facilitated approach to the most popular regulatory matters is just good business.  

We are experts in getting firms Regulator Intelligent, fast. 

We have decades of experience solving the same problems, for similar firms over and over again.


Repetition begs for applied efficiencies. 

Our programmes are simply the best possible format to ensure the best possible outcomes in the least amount of time, energy and budgets. 

Doing it right the first time takes more effort. It also minimises the need to revisit, redo, and repeat efforts to get you where you want  to be.

A Programme Structure to get you there, the first time.

Discovery: A structured and facilitated Discovery process spanning your people and your materials is the key to getting the next few stages just right. 

Regulatory and Compliance Strategy: It is not enough to know you have areas of weakness, you need to know viable solutions, timeframes, and resources involved. You want a clearly articulated end game that your firm is not only aligned with, but moves towards simultaneously. 

Build the framework that realises the Strategy: Depending on whether you are building from ground zero, improving on what is already there, or innovating your best practice position, there is a build that's required that bridges strategy and implementation. 

Implementation: High value actions, done over 30 to 90-days

to realise the ideal outcome. We can support you with technology, templates, and tools, saving you from building from scratch or going this in the dark. 

Areas of expertise practically applied >>>

We didn't want a programme, we wanted a solution to our specific problem. Turns out that solution was a programme. The on-boarding call, project kick-off call, it was all helpful in us making progress on our objectives.

"Training is not enough for us, we want to know the regulation * and *exactly what we need to do, over what period of time to be considered as operating at best practice. We don't want to figure that out in an echo chamber either.

— Director, Regulatory Affairs

Regulated Firm

— Head of Compliance,

Regulated Firm

We opted in to the Discovery and Strategy initially, planning to DIY it from thereafter. 

We went back to get the rest. Having a third party direct us, keep us on track, and keep us accountable while sense checking our efforts made a big difference. 

— Chief of Risk

Regulated Firm

For an informal conversation about how we might be able to support your firm,

email to schedule a 20-minute call. 

11 Wynnefield Road, Dublin 6, Ireland 

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