Regulatory Counsel Retainer

A conversation, when you need IT.

Daniel Lawlor is an ex-regulator, a funds lawyer and Managing Director of Aquest working with, and for, Financial Services firms across Ireland, with a few head offices in UK, USA. 

Reliable information, considered from a regulator's perspective, a firm's perspective and an employee's perspective, is value. 

A rapid response time in an always on-environment is heaven. 

REgulatory, compliance, governance

Aquest covers a range of regulatory themes, compliance and governance matters. 

We will ensure complete clarity of the subject matter expertise available to you from the outset. 

Live Quarterly RC-retainer with Danny. what you need to know now

Each quarter, we will coordinate a live video feed for your entire firm to hear first hand the trends, insights, RC-Retainer activities that took place over the last quarter and what Danny expects to be more of a focus for the next quarter.

3-6-9 month retainers

for regulated firms

  • x2 employees as standard

  • Rolling hours across a quarter

  • Rapid response is inside 6hrs

  • Complimentary 60-minutes live**

  • Phone, email, video available

  • Themes include:  SFTR, EMIR, F&P, SEAR, CP86, Breaches, Preparing for Authorisation,. Outsourcing, 

  • Funds, Diversity & Inclusion, Sanctions & Risk Mitigation Programmes, Delegated Persons, Risk & Compliance, Governance matters.


12hrs over 3 Mths

€2000/mth x 3mths

or €500/hr


24hrs over 6 Mths

€1900/mth x 6mths

or €475/hr


36hrs over 9 Months

€1600/mth x 9mths

or €400/hr

€2000/month + VAT

€1900/month + VAT

€1600/month + VAT


1. Book now, pay in January. 

1. We will organise the paper work now, but not invoice you until the new year. 


2. Programmes are paid upon receipt of invoice. 

3. The start date can take place in Q1 or Q2.  

4. Add the entire firm for a flat fee of €500 + VAT

2. Getting started on the service:

1. Two individuals from your firm who will be using the RG [Regulator Intelligent] service will be set up on our side with access and rapid response monitoring. 

2. Preferred communications format agreed. 

3. We will provide your firm with a templated internal communication that you can use to invite the wider business to benefit from this retainer. 

3. Getting maximum value from the service:

1. Submit your inquiry by email for more complex matters with a phone call arranged to follow up the written inquiry. 

2. Video Conf. can be arranged with 6hrs notice, sometimes less, (business hours) when required.

3. Counsel, advice, insights, and recommendations is the focus of this RQ service. Polling questions from the team to submit on a rolling frequency can be helpful


Each quarter; 60-minute live RQ feed with your firm:

IN addition to your allocated RQ hours, we will deliver a 1hour live presentation and Q&A with your firm.


Video conference Danny in at a time and date convenient to the firm, to hear RQ insights, trends and activities from  the last quarter and what he predicts will be the focus and activities of the next quarter. The presentation will run up to 30-minutes, with an additional 30-minutes made available for Q&A



Funds Lawyer

Lead Advisor to 50+ 

leading financial services

firms across Ireland, UK, 



technical knowledge when it

comes to the rulebooks. 

Danny wrote some of them, 

studied the rest of them, 

and worked with him for 7 years while employed as the Head of Funds, Central Bank of Ireland. 


A Funds Lawyer just means Danny gets to bring multiple perspectives; the regulator's perspective, a lawyer's perspective helping you tease out both what you can do, along with what you should do. These two conclusions are not always the same. 


Danny's current role at Aquest makes it easier for your firm to assess where you are with benchmarks, and firms similar to yours; as well as get a rich perspective on industry trends, patterns and what to expect next. 

Regulatory​, Compliance and Governance matters for regulated firms, including: 

  1. UCITS

  2. AIFMD

  3. CP86

  4. MMFR

  5. ETFs

  6. F&P

  7. SEAR

  8. EMIR

  9. SFTR


  11. Sanctions & Breachers

  12. Diversity & Inclusion

  13. Effective Engagement with CBI

  14. Fund Boards and ManCo boards

  15. Delegated Persons & Outsourcing

We will provide your firm with a templated internal communication that you can use to invite the wider business to benefit from this retainer. 

3-6-9 month retainers

six regulated firms get 25% off


12hrs over 3 Mths

€2000/mth x 3mths

or €500/hr


24hrs over 6 Mths

€1900/mth x 6mths

or €475/hr


36hrs over 9 Months

€1600/mth x 9mths

or €400/hr

€2000/month + VAT

€1500/month + VAT

€1900/month + VAT

€1425/month + VAT

€1600/month + VAT

€1200/month + VAT

Book your 2020 RQ 3, 6 or 9 retainer today and get 25% off list price; terms apply. 

Non-regulated firm rates: add €600/mth + VAT

About Aquest

Advisory Firm and Virtual Academy for Regulated Financial Services firms wanting access to insights, training and guidance on how to be Regulator Intelligent from authorisation to sanctions, new legislation, and everything in between.


Regulator Intelligent; improving your relation with the Regulator. 


Programmes for Banks, Admins, Depos, ManCos spanning how to interpret, implement and measure your firm's degree of compliance compared with best practices. 

Contact us

To book a programme, workshop, keynote email

To have Daniel Lawlor speak at your event, please email

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11 Wynnefield Road, Dublin 6, Ireland 

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