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About Aquest

Advisory Firm and Virtual Academy for Regulated Financial Services firms wanting access to insights, training and guidance on how to be Regulator Intelligent from authorisation to sanctions, new legislation, and everything in between.


Regulator Intelligent; improving your relation with the Regulator. 


Programmes for Banks, Admins, Depos, ManCos spanning how to interpret, implement and measure your firm's degree of compliance compared with best practices. 

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11 Wynnefield Road, Dublin 6, Ireland

Shannon@Aquest.ie // +353 87 391 0379 

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  • 3hours, 6 themes, 6months

  • Legal Insights

  • Ex-regulator's POV

  • 6hr response in business hours


You are an Irish Authorised firm and from time to time you would like access to a Regulator Intelligent insights, perspectives and points of view in areas such as Fitness & Probity, SEAR, Outsourcing & Delegates, CP86. 


Secure rapid response access to Daniel Lawlor for 6 consecutive months by phone, email and Skype as it relates to CBI matters. 



Objectives, Outcomes & Value




Quality, Regulator Intelligent answers in writing to 10 questions a month.


Regulator Intelligent is good for business. Improving your relationship with the Regulator? Event better. 


Rapid response answers to your 10 queries, questions a month as they relate to CP86.

Guaranteed same day response to 10 CP86 related queries a month through to July 2020. 


  • Daniel Lawlor wrote CP86 and is an Irish Funds Lawyer. He will give you context and insights from a Regulator's point of view, while fully knowing the legalities surrounding an issue. 

  • Best possible direction you can get to navigate the on-site CP86 inspections being carried out by the Central Bank. 


As the former head of the Central Bank’s Funds Policy Team and the Central Bank of Ireland’s Project Lead on CP86, Daniel was involved in designing, drafting and implementing regulatory initiatives affecting the funds industry from 2010 to 2017. 

With an intimate knowledge of CP86 coupled with the perspective of an ex-regulator, Daniel is in a unique position to help firms improve their relationship with the financial regulator by becoming Regulator Intelligent.


Before joining the Central Bank, Daniel worked as an investment funds lawyer for 9 years at William Fry, one of Ireland’s leading law firms.   

Today, Daniel is MD of Aquest; a boutique firm dedicated to improving your experience with the financial regulator.  

Phone, Email, Skype.

The selected Job Title in your firm will have access to Daniel Lawlor throughout business hours 9 - 5pm for 6-consecutive months. We guarantee same day response to queries received by noon. Queries received after 12pm will likely re responded to same day, but may need until the following business morning for follow up

Rapid Response means inside 6hours from receipt of inquiry


Knowing the difference between can you and should you is good for business. 

Knowing how best to navigate your situation to mitigate difficult outcomes, while leveraging this to improve your relationship with the regulator is just good business. 

Get a Regulator's 



Danny combines Regulatory and Legal perspectives in tandem with thousands of hours already invested working with multiple firms on matters such as Fitness & Probity, Outsourcing and Delegates, CP86 and SEAR.

Regulator and Legal 




  • 3hours, 6 themes, 6months

  • Legal Insights

  • Ex-regulator's POV

  • 6hr response in business hours

For inquiries, kindly contact shannon@aquest.ie