Why Is Aquest Different?

Aquest Academy combines ongoing training via our on-line academy with detailed technical training in person. We are in tune with the current regulatory training needs of the ever-changing investment funds world. We are fully focussed on this sector and our training methods provide solutions that are ahead of the curve.

Aquest Academy's approach allows you the opportunity to learn, develop and progress in a more effective and efficient manner. It gives you peace of mind that you are receiving the best and most insightful training and are up to date on the latest legal and regulatory developments in the investment funds industry. Aquest Academy mitigates against the risk of you misunderstanding the regulation or in the case of junior staff, left unguided, not arriving at the right conclusion. We ensure that you are given clear guidance and direction so that you are equipped to arrive at the correct outcome.

Most training tends to be staid, dry and uninteresting. Aquest Academy's approach is unique. We adapt a format that is casual, engaging, informative and interesting, including challenging debate, discussion forums and group tasks. We embed the knowledge by providing insight into why the rules are the way they are, placing the training in real case context which help the learnings stick.

Do We Know Our Stuff

Launching in November 2017, Aquest is the brainchild of Daniel Lawlor. Daniel is the former Head of the Central Bank of Ireland's Funds Policy Team. Before that, he worked as an investment funds lawyer in one of Ireland's leading law firms.

Daniel brings unrivalled insight into Irish and European investment funds regulation. He has been involved in designing and drafting every major investment funds regulatory initiative in Ireland for the past 7 years. This work includes the implementation of UCITS IV, UCITS V and the AIFMD and the introduction of the AIF Rulebook, the Central Bank UCITS Regulations and CP86.

Daniel has also experience of the broader international investment funds industry having represented the Central Bank of Ireland at IOSCO and ESMA committees. He was also a member of the FSB's team for the peer review of Brazil in 2016.

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Access to the Aquest Linked Rulebooks
Monthly on-line tutorials covering expert training and recent regulatory developments
On-line tools including all previous tutorials archived for your reverence
Satisfies CPD and ongoing learning and development requirements
Access to Aquest's consultancy services - Aquest Advisory

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