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The story

so far

Regulatory counsel, practically applied.

Aquest was born out of a desire to inspire firms to find the most efficient path towards regulatory and compliance matters. 

Delivering training across the industry, we ran master classes, built an online-academy, and ran bespoke training on-site, for regulated firms all over Ireland.  Nuts and bolts training has its place, however time and time again, we saw firms acquire a knowledge transfer, only to fall short at resolving how to practically apply it to their unique situation.

The beauty with running the same activity over and over again is, that it begs for efficiencies, structure and continuous refinement. 

Training evolved until Advisory formed. Today Aquest delivers regulatory counsel through Training & Advisory services for Irish Authorised firms. 





Virtual Nuts & bolts training 24 participants. 

Materials included. 

Facilitated by Daniel Lawlor.



Knowledge transfer  practically applied to your unique situation. Nuts & bolts training on-site, only it is hand pressed for your firm, and comes complete with a structured operational plan and optional support to implement that operational plan over 4, 12 and 16 weeks.  


Free VIRTUAL Lunch & Learn WITH your Firm

You choose the theme, you fill the virtual room, and we'll deliver a 45-minute presentation on the subject matter, complete with Q&A.


Rapid Response Access to Daniel Lawlor, (Ex-Regulator Funds Lawyer) to field questions, sense check decisions or get some immediate counsel during a regulatory, compliance and/or governance matter.  

Online Funds


Online nuts & bolts training; overviews and in-depth coverage on regulatory matters.

Fully integrated, easy to navigate linked up set of rulebooks combining EU and Irish. 




Besides being agile, and cost effective...?

Deep Industry Knowledge

Our lead facilitator, Daniel Lawlor is a Funds Lawyer and  Ex-Regulator.  On the ground, Daniel  works with firms across the industry and is uniquely positioned to spot best practices, key trends and common challenges, while solving the same problem day in and day out. 

Years of Experience

Decades of experience working in and for Financial Services, with more than 10,000 hours accumulated so far, of delivering training and advisory to regulated firms. 

In-house Research Teams

We monitor, track and report on regulatory matters, regulatory trends, and best practices across Irish Authorised firms. 

Client Centric Collaborations

We seek out and partner with the industry's best to bring cohesive, thorough and effective results to and through our Advisory Programmes. 


This programme covers both technical and industry expertise.

About Aquest

Advisory Firm and Virtual Academy for Regulated Financial Services firms wanting access to insights, training and guidance on how to be Regulator Intelligent from authorisation to sanctions, new legislation, and everything in between.


Regulator Intelligent; improving your relation with the Regulator. 


Programmes for Banks, Admins, Depos, ManCos spanning how to interpret, implement and measure your firm's degree of compliance compared with best practices. 

Contact us

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11 Wynnefield Road, Dublin 6, Ireland // +353 87 391 0379 

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