1. Mock Interviews

If you're meeting the Regulator for PRISM, Ongoing Supervision, as part of a thematic review, Fitness & Probity reasons or because you have received a Risk Mitigation Programme, then being prepared means having a mock interview. 

Mock Interviews typically include: 

1. Reviewing your correspondence with the Regulator to prepare a thorough line of questioning. 

2. A 1-Hour Mock Interview with' "A Regulator" and a "Human Behaviour Specialist" who will each prepare a complete set of feedback for you to take away and use to evolve your preparations for meeting the CBI. 

3. 1-Hour Feedback on your performance, tells, areas you were strong in, areas you struggled most in, and where to focus your efforts now. 

4. A complete set of our questions to take away and review. We averagee 10 pages of typed questions per Mock Interview.

Email to set up a discovery call. 

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