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1-day to 16 week programmes

From reactive requirements to ensure the best possible outcome for the firm, the employees and your customers, to proactively ensuring you are demonstrating incremental improvements on your way to best in class status. 

Our Advisory programmes are informed, cutting edge and consistently create behaviour change within the firm long after we've gone. 

Advisory Topics

  1. Meeting the Regulator

  2. Thematic Reviews 

  3. Delegated Persons

  4. Outsourcing and Reporting

  5. Funds Boards 

  6. Diversity & Inclusion 

  7. Governance 

  8. HQ in a foreign jurisdiction

  9. Improving your experience with the Regulator

  10. Breaches and how to do them better 

Cutting edge, informed, hyper relevant and tailored to your unique situation, our Advisory Programmes improve your experience with the Regulator, move you closer towards best in class, and get you where you want to be the first time round. 

To book this, contact to set up a discovery call.

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