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CP86 for ManCos and SMICS

More than 2 dozen industry stakeholders wade in on what to expect in your first 18 months post CBI authorisation.

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A CP86 Flyover_ A Special Report (1).png

A 50 foot view of the CBIs CP86 desk -based review process 4 weeks in.

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What we predict to be at the forefront of the CP86 on-site inspections and how to prepare.

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Regulator Intelligence

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About Aquest

Advisory Firm and Virtual Academy for Regulated Financial Services firms wanting access to insights, training and guidance on how to be Regulator Intelligent from authorisation to sanctions, new legislation, and everything in between.


Regulator Intelligent; improving your relation with the Regulator. 


Programmes for Banks, Admins, Depos, ManCos spanning how to interpret, implement and measure your firm's degree of compliance compared with best practices. 

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