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Knowledge Transfer, Practically aPplied

Knowing isn't enough. Doing the high valued actions, in the right order, with the right people is key.

We will take on average 5 days to understand your unique situation so we can reconcile how best to transfer the knowledge in a way that gets you into meaningful action. 

A plan emerges inside day 1, session 2. That  plan reveals the best possible starting point for your firm, takes stock of what you have, and what you don't, then resolves how best to bridge the gap. 


One-size does not fit all.

And yet a structured, modular programme built from 10,000+ hours of doing this for firms just like yours is just good business sense. 

We have a methodology that we refine daily to ensure the best possible experience for your firm. 

We know the industry benchmarks. 

We also get to bring a regulator's perspective, a legal perspective, a firm's perspective, and an employee's perspective to your specific situation. 

Continuously upgraded

We compete with our last execution of a programme;

The feedback, experience and delivery are continuously reviewed for the purpose of upgrading to ensure a world-class training experience.

Our testimonials, referrals and feedback are testament. A few are below for your reference. 



Setting you

up for success.

  1. A 30-minute call gets both sides clear on the deliverable, along with;

  2. How that deliverable will be met. 

  3. Logistics involved with meeting our deliverable: 

  4. Date and time for the on-site portion of our Advisory programme

  5. What to expect during each phase of the Advisory Programme

  6. Processing paperwork and administration

  7. Q&A 


80% of the results from the quality afforded to understanding the situation

On average we take 5 business days, over 2 consecutive weeks to fully understand your specific situation. 

This is accomplished through a combination of: 

1. You sharing business documents with us. 

2. 1-to-1 interviews with 2 to 5 key members of your team. 

3. Our independent research

The result is that we have everything we need to inform your entire Advisory programme: 

1. Pages of questions - we average 20-pages of questions

2. Areas your firms is most vulnerable 

3. The best possible starting point for your firm

4. The expected timeframe to course correct your firm into optimal compliance

5. The themes we recommend prioritising during the on-site

3. The plan

On-site, day 1

  1. Lay of the Land 

  2. Technical Knowledge 

  3. Firm Perspective

  4. Regulator Perspective

  5. Employee Perspective

  6. Summarise The Plan

  7. High Level Operations Plan: High Value Actions, Timelines, Responsible & Accountable


Building the foundation with which you build your empire.

We know the plan. 

We know the best possible starting point 

Now the real work starts. 

Tools, templates, and resources that need to be acquired, are. (through Aquest or other)

Those tools, templates and resources are organised into a solid framework. 

Documenting how, when, who, and where are established

Average time is 1 to 6 weeks. 

5. The distance

What sounds great in the boardroom has a whole different feel once you start implementing.

The reality of building a foundation, be it a framework or an entire process, takes persistent high valued actions done consistently. 

We have milestones to meet, deliverables to achieve and tasks to get done. 

Sometimes these are best served with a third party who has done this a few times before that can assist in maintaining progress, course correcting in real-time while holding the project and stakeholders to account for a shared outcome. 

Our involvement can be as little or as much as your firm requires.


Deliverable achieved

A collective approach to a deliverable can make all the difference. 

Particularly when your firm is busy, people are already at capacity and day-to-day priorities keep shifting. 

A targeted end date to realise the deliverable that makes space for facilitating your firm;s ongoing approach can be the difference between average and great. 


Ian Dillon, Partner

“Danny’s invaluable first hand knowledge means everyone at every level gets something from his training.”


Ian Dillon, Partner, Asset Management & Investment Funds, Arthur Cox – testimonial per feedback sheet from Arthur Cox CP86 Workshop 6 Feb 19

Image by Joe

Liam Manahan, INED

“Clear & focussed information”


Liam Manahan, INED – testimonial per feedback sheet from Morgan Stanley Session 4 14 June 2019


Sandra O'Connor, Funds

“Daniel makes complex topics very simple.  Excellent teaching skills. Keeps your attention.”


Sandra O’Connor, Funds, A&L Goodbody – testimonial per feedback sheet from A&L Goodbody Session 2 7 March 2019



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