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Leveraging the CP86 on-site inspection to improve your relationship with the Regulator. 

An exclusive event for Irish authorised fund management companies and self-managed investment companies who are preparing for a possible on-site inspection by the Central Bank of Ireland as part of its CP86 thematic review.  


Hear a candid assessment from ex-regulator Daniel Lawlor, the CBI’s Project Lead on CP86, on the strengths and weaknesses of Irish ManCos as they face this critical review process.  

Learn how best to prepare for an on-site inspection and how to turn this into an opportunity to improve your relationship with the CBI.  


Understand the possible outcomes from the CBI’s CP86 review process – the good, the bad and the ugly.  

16 Oct Breakfast Briefing

Waiting List now in effect! 

How to turn an onsite inspection into an opportunity to improve your relationship with the Financial Regulator - and why that makes good commercial sense.

For more information, pls. call: +353 87 391 0379 | Email:


Date: Wednesday, 16th October, 2019

Time:  8:30-10:00 am

Duration: 90 Minutes


Central Dublin - location will be provided in your RSVP confirmation


  • Event is strictly by invitation only

  • Chatham House rules apply – no media

  • Only 30 seats available


  1. Background:  Why is the CBI taking CP86 so seriously?

  2. What happens now:  Current state of play in the CP86 review process

  3. Reactions so far:  How have ManCos reacted to receiving a CBI themed inspections letter?

  4. Top 5 issues the CBI will be looking at 

  5. Best Practices in preparing for a CBI on-site inspection

  6. Possible Outcomes:  The good, the bad and the ugly

  7. Open Q&A (Chatham House rules apply)

16 Oct. Event Registration


CP86 for ManCos and SMICS

More than 2 dozen industry stakeholders wade in on what to expect in your first 18 months post CBI authorisation.

Free Download >>>

CP86 for ManCos and SMICS

A 50 foot view of the CBIs CP86 desk -based review process 4 weeks in.

Free Download >>>

CP86 for ManCos and SMICS

What we predict to be at the forefront of the CP86 on-site inspections and how to prepare.

Free Download >>>

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