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Efficient research: You will save up to 98% of the effort, time and expense by using our linked up Rulebooks (EU and Irish) to find, cross reference and complete a search 

Deep Dive: on any number of funds-related topics. Or request one; we will prepare it for you inside 2-business weeks. 

Overview: When you don't need the detail, you just need the core concepts, our 101 series is just the thing. 



True story. 

EU and Irish rulebooks have been synthesised in the right places, with the right content, across the board. 

The manual approach can take up to 5 days to get a fully researched answer.  Our members average 2hours.

x2 Types of TuTorials

101 - the overview of core concepts that give you a very good feel for the subject matter. 

In-depth: Takes a deep dive into the subject matter covering all the technical parts involved. 

FUNDS ACADEMY - €195/month 


EU & Irish Linkedup

rulebooks makes research a cinch



Overview and A full technical deep dive; cherry pick only what you need in real time



Need fund Insight? Ask - we will get it ready for you inside 2 weeks


FUNDS ACADEMY - €195/month 


10x 101 Tutorials: 

Introductions to the fundamentals on the following subject matter. 

  1. What is a Fund? Part 1 and Part 2 

  2. UCITS in a nutshell! Part 1 and Part 2

  3. AIFMD in a nutshell! Part 1 and Part 2 

  4. 10 differences between AIFIMD and UCITS

  5. Legal Structures for Irish Funds

  6. Understand the Funds Rulebooks! Part 1 and Part 2

19 x In Focus tutorials: 

Intermediate to Advanced. This is an in-depth look at the intricacies involved with the following subject matter. 


  1. CP86 Tutorial - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  2. Fund Administrator Outsourcing 

  3. ManCo Capital Requirements Part 1 and Part 2

  4. SFTR Explained 

  5. The OE Role 

  6. UCITS Eligible Assets Part 1and Part 2

  7. UCITS Investment Restrictions Part 1 and Part 2 

  8. UCITS Performance Fees Part 1 and Part 2 

  9. UCITS Share Classes Part 1 General 

  10. UCITS Share Classes Part 2 ESMA Opinion

  11. Money Market Fund Regulations Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

This is quite literally, the A-Z guide on building a solid knowledge of the Irish Funds Industry.


We incorporate discussion from fundamental themes such as ManCo Capital Requirements all the way through to hot hot-topics such as CP86 and the Organisational Effectiveness Role. 

The information gathered together in these tutorials is of significant value when attempting to navigate or further develop a greater understanding of the topics under consideration.

Want a topic covered that is not already in our Academy? Fill out the Academy request form, and we'll get your request actioned inside 2 business weeks.  Easy.

FUNDS ACADEMY - €195/month 




Funds Lawyer

Lead Advisor to 50+ 

leading financial services

firms across Ireland, UK, 



technical knowledge when it

comes to the rulebooks. 

Danny wrote some of them, 

studied the rest of them, 

and worked with him for 7 years while employed as the Head of Funds, Central Bank of Ireland. 


A Funds Lawyer just means Danny gets to bring multiple perspectives; the regulator's perspective, a lawyer's perspective helping you tease out both what you can do, along with what you should do. These two conclusions are not always the same. 


Danny's current role at Aquest makes it easier for your firm to assess where you are with benchmarks, and firms similar to yours; as well as get a rich perspective on industry trends, patterns and what to expect next. 

Regulatory​, Compliance and Governance matters for regulated firms, including: 

  1. UCITS

  2. AIFMD

  3. CP86

  4. MMFR

  5. ETFs

  6. F&P

  7. SEAR

  8. EMIR

  9. SFTR


  11. Sanctions & Breachers

  12. Diversity & Inclusion

  13. Effective Engagement with CBI

  14. Fund Boards and ManCo boards

  15. Delegated Persons & Outsourcing

We will provide your firm with a templated internal communication that you can use to invite the wider business to benefit from this retainer. 

FUNDS ACADEMY - €195/month 

€2000/month + VAT

€1500/month + VAT

€1900/month + VAT

€1425/month + VAT

€1600/month + VAT

€1200/month + VAT


Today you have a fragmented and difficult to navigate Funds


Each Rulebook can comprise 30 or more individual documents ranging from Legislation to Guidance, Q&As and (or) Opinions. The Rulebook environment can accurately be described as a multitude of documents that combined, make up a fragmented and difficult to navigate  ‘Funds Rulebooks’ environment. 


Within the Irish funds world there are effectively four Rulebooks; 


  1. Irish UCITS Rulebook

  2. Irish AIFMD Rulebook 

  3. European UCITS Rulebook

  4. European AIFMD Rulebook 


In practice, each Rulebook is made up of a large number of different documents: 


European Rulebooks

  1. Level 1 and Level 2 Directives and Regulations

  2. ESMA Guidelines

  3. Q&As 

  4. ESMA Opinions


Irish Rulebooks

  1. Transposing Legislation

  2. Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) Regulations and Rulebooks

  3. CBI Guidance 

  4. Q&A 

Aquest's Linked Rulebook environment comprises all four Rulebooks, all supporting documentation and each related individual document; ranging from Legislation to Guidance, Q&As and (or) Opinions being seamlessly and comprehensively linked to the specific content that relates to the specific Rule. 


The European and Irish Rulebooks have also been linked so that users can easily identify, for example, how a European rule has been transposed into Irish law or whether there is any European guidance relevant to a rule as it applies in Ireland.  

Documents in the Aquest Linked Rulebooks include:

  1. Irish UCITS Rulebook

  2. Irish AIFMD Rulebook

  3. European UCITS Rulebook

  4. European AIFMD Rulebook


and comprises; European 

  1. Level 1 and Level 2 UCITS and AIFM Directives and Regulations including the EU Money Market Fund Regulations, ELTIF, EuVECA and EuSEF

  2. ESMA Guidelines related to UCITS and AIFMD


  4. ESMA Opinions related to UCITS and AIFMD

and Irish

  1. Irish Regulations transposing European legislation concerning UCITS and AIFMD

  2. Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) UCITS Regulations and AIF Rulebook

  3. CBI Guidance concerning UCITS and AIFMD 


FUNDS ACADEMY - €195/month 


WITH AQUEST vs. ON your own



Resolving a research question today, without Aquest Academy, requires:


  • Being able to identify firstly the documents that make up the Rulebooks and the sections from each set of Rulebooks that relate to the question being addressed.  

  • Then you need to determine which further rules, if any, including guidance or Q&As are required to supplement an individual rule.


For a challenging research query, the average time involved is: up to 5 days or 40hrs @ €150/hr or €6000 in resources

Average error involved is: 25% or an additional 25hrs @ €150./hr or €3750 in resources

Average stress level is: High 


Today, this particular activity is typically completed through: 

  1. On the job learning from live case files while completing client work 

  2. Possibly supported by in-house Professional Support Lawyers and/or knowledge management systems 

  3. And the goodwill of colleagues who are willing to help point you in the right direction

CP86 Implementation Advisory Programme.j



Resolving a research question with Aquest Academy, means: 


  • Users are more likely to reach the correct conclusion because they have easy access to the documents that make up each Funds Rulebooks in one location

  • Users will find the answer more quickly and efficiently because they can easily and rapidly identify if there are Irish or Eurpoean rules or guidance which supplement the rule being researched


Result: when reading a particular document, the Linked Rulebooks tool identifies where there is a link to a related rule or guidance. Clicking the link brings you to the specific section that is relevant to your search. This saves valuable time and offers greater certainty in obtaining the correct answer.


Average time involved is: up to 5 hours @ €150/hr or €750 in resources

Average error involved is: 2% or an additional 1hr @ €150/hr or €150 in resources

Average stress level is: Low

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