intensive or Lite?


Preparatory Module 1

On boarding; intake form, business documents shared, preliminary conversations take place. Takes up to 1/2 day.

Discovery: Aquest invests up to 5 business days reviewing your intake form, business documents, the outputs of preliminary conversations and your unique situation.

Lay of the Land: A clear and concise look at where you are now, your areas of weakness, a high level operational plan to bridge your gap. Half-day collaborative on-site workshop with your firm.



Preparatory Module 3

Rapid Response Access to Daniel Lawlor

2 hours of remote access to Daniel Lawlor valid for x4 consecutive weeks. 

Preparatory Module 2

Mock Interviews; Round 1

This is a 60-minute mock interview with an Ex-regulator (assuming the role of the CBI) and a Human Behaviour Specialist to provide you with clear outputs on where you are weak, and where you are strong. 

Mock Interview Feedback: Round 1

Immediately after your 60-minute interview, we will invest an hour to review how the mock interview went from x3 unique perspectives; yours, the ex-regulator's, behaviour specialist's insights. You will get written feedback on what to work on from a technical perspective and from a presentation and delivery perspective. 

Interview Strategy

Regroup of the business documents, weaknesses, leave behind questions, mock interview so as to resolve the best plan & preparation for you to take into your interview with the CBI. 

Two types of Mock Interview Preparation: 

  1. Intense 

  2. Lite 


Intense is best suited to firms that have been called to a meeting by the Central Bank and asked to submit 750 pages of business documents or greater, and/or where 3 or more individuals are being called for interview. 

Lite is suited for 1 or 2 individuals being called to meet the Central Bank for a routine interview.

Hybrid best suited for unique situations. There are 3 modules and each module is available as an intense version or a lite version; thus letting you hand press the best version of this programme for you and your firm. 

For information, a formal quote, or to book a mock interview programme, email Anne Moore;

Regulator Intelligence

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Advisory Firm and Virtual Academy for Regulated Financial Services firms wanting access to insights, training and guidance on how to be Regulator Intelligent from authorisation to sanctions, new legislation, and everything in between.


Regulator Intelligent; improving your relation with the Regulator. 


Programmes for Banks, Admins, Depos, ManCos spanning how to interpret, implement and measure your firm's degree of compliance compared with best practices. 

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