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intensive or Lite?




Preparatory Module 1

On boarding; intake form, business documents shared, preliminary conversations take place. Takes up to 1/2 day.

Discovery: Aquest invests up to 5 business days reviewing your intake form, business documents, the outputs of preliminary conversations and your unique situation.

Lay of the Land: A clear and concise look at where you are now, your areas of weakness, a high level operational plan to bridge your gap. Half-day collaborative on-site workshop with your firm.

Preparatory Module 3

Rapid Response Access to Daniel Lawlor

2 hours of remote access to Daniel Lawlor valid for x4 consecutive weeks. 

Preparatory Module 2

Mock Interviews; Round 1

This is a 60-minute mock interview with an Ex-regulator (assuming the role of the CBI) and a Human Behaviour Specialist to provide you with clear outputs on where you are weak, and where you are strong. 

Mock Interview Feedback: Round 1

Immediately after your 60-minute interview, we will invest an hour to review how the mock interview went from x3 unique perspectives; yours, the ex-regulator's, behaviour specialist's insights. You will get written feedback on what to work on from a technical perspective and from a presentation and delivery perspective. 

Interview Strategy

Regroup of the business documents, weaknesses, leave behind questions, mock interview so as to resolve the best plan & preparation for you to take into your interview with the CBI. 

Two types of Mock Interview Preparation: 

  1. Intense 

  2. Lite 


Intense is best suited to firms that have been called to a meeting by the Central Bank and asked to submit 750 pages of business documents or greater, and/or where 3 or more individuals are being called for interview. 

Lite is suited for 1 or 2 individuals being called to meet the Central Bank for a routine interview.

Hybrid best suited for unique situations. There are 3 modules and each module is available as an intense version or a lite version; thus letting you hand press the best version of this programme for you and your firm. 

For information, a formal quote, or to book a mock interview programme, email DANIEL LAWLOR;

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