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Aquest Podcast: Funds Masterclass Episode

The Aquest Podcast: Funds Masterclass Episode

1-Day Masterclass for Irish Funds Professionals: Key Technical Regulatory and Compliance Training

In this episode of the Aquest Podcast, we chat about Aquest’s upcoming Funds Masterclass event on 28 June 2019 in the brand new Business School in Trinity College Dublin.  We discuss the packed agenda for Funds Masterclass and describe what attendees can expect on the day:

1. CP86: What to expect when you’re being inspected

2. Outsourcing Activities & Retaining Responsibility: A difficult balancing act

3. Overseeing the overseers: Regulation of Depositaries

4. Financial Stability & Investment Funds: What’s liquidity management & leverage gotta do with it?

5. Hot topics: Brief updates and Q&A

Further information and details of tickets and pricing is available at

Enjoy the podcast!

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