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[LIVE DEMO] Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks around financial derivative instruments for UCITs funds

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

If you work in the Funds industry, chances are, you are familiar with the need to research situations within the vast and fragmented world of rulebooks from time to time.

Perhaps you have entered the world of rulebooks to research financial derivative instruments for UCITS funds recently. (Guess what this demo is about?)

That bit of research would likely require days of; looking up, cross referencing and double checking that you have accessed ** all ** the relevant rules, guidelines and transposing legislation that apply in order to come up with the correct conclusion. And how could you be sure?

If you had Aquest's Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks, that research would have been at minimum, 10x faster, and 10x more efficient in the outcome.

Here's why:

You would be far more likely to reach the correct conclusion because you have easy access to the documents that make up each Funds Rulebooks in one centralised location.

You would find the answer more quickly and efficiently because you can easily and rapidly identify if there are Irish or European rules or guidance which supplement the rule being researched

That means that when reading a particular document, the Linked Rulebooks tool identifies where there is a link to a related rule or guidance.

Clicking the link brings you to the specific section that is relevant to your search. This saves valuable time and offers greater certainty in obtaining the correct answer.

If we go back to the financial derivative instruments for UCITS funds, the research would go like this: [LIVE DEMO]

Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks is available with the Funds Masterclass subscription. Funds Masterclass is two parts: Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks and Tutorials that span the entire industry of Funds.

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