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Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks or old skool? Now you have a choice.

If you work in the Funds industry and are still wading through reams of paper to carry out your research, then as of now, you have a choice.

Old skool with reams of paper and days on end of cross referencing or...

(drum roll goes here) Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks.

Intelligently LinkedUp rulebooks means:

  • Way less time

  • Way more efficient

  • Getting the correct conclusion

  • One cohesive LinkedUp environment

[Live Demo]: Financial derivative instruments for UCITS funds, that research would go like this:

[Live Demo]: Researching rules for Irish qualifying investor AIFs

Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks is available with the Funds Masterclass subscription. Funds Masterclass is two parts: Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks and Tutorials that span the entire industry of Funds.

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