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Special Podcast Series: #First18 – Recruitment

The Aquest Podcast: #First 18 Special Series

Part 2 – Recruiting for newly authorised fund mancos

In the run up to the launch of our Special Report #First18: From Survive to Thrive, we have a special series of podcasts where we chat to industry experts about the key topics covered by the report.

In Part 2, my co-host is Jennifer Cahill of Savvi Recruitment Consultants and we chat about:

  1. What the recruitment market is like at the moment

  2. How recruiting firms can distinguish themselves from other hirers in the market

  3. How to hold on to staff once you have recruited them

Many thanks to Jennifer for co-hosting.

Enjoy Part 2 and look out for Part 3 on Personal Taxation which will be available next week!

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