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The Aquest Podcast – Episode 11: Fintech & Adminovate 2019

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

The Aquest Podcast – Episode 11: Fintech & Adminovate 2019

Fintech in Ireland and looking forward to Adminovate 2019

For this episode of the Aquest Podcast, the topics are Fintech and the Adminovate 2019 conference.  Who better to join me as co-hosts than the organisers of Adminovate who are Fintech experts in their own right – Pete Townsend of Norio Ventures and Des O’Donohoe of Fund Recs.

Our discussion covered a range of topics from ‘Money Never Sleeps’, Pete’s own podcast that he co-hosts with Eoin Fitzgerald of Enterprise Ireland, to Fintech in Ireland, DLT and Bitcoin.  We also chat about Adminovate 2019 which will be held in Trinity College Dublin on 17 January 2019.  Adminovate is a conference that focuses on innovation in the Fund Administration Industry.

It promises to be a great event and tickets are available from

Many thanks to Pete and Des for their time and insights.  Hope you enjoy the podcast (and forgive the low volume on my microphone – put it down to Christmas technical gremlins!)

Finally, Happy Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous and peaceful 2019!

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