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Aquest Podcast Bonus Episode – Golf Tips for basis.point Golf Classic

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The Aquest Podcast – Golf Episode

Tips for golfers who haven’t seen their clubs since last year’s basis.point Golf Classic

In this bonus episode of The Aquest Podcast, we’re wandering far from the beaten track and talking golf!

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With the annual basis.point golf classic taking place next week, we thought it would be fun to provide some golf tips to help those of us who haven’t seen our clubs since last year’s event.

I’m joined by Leo Hynes, Head Pro at Killiney Golf Club. He has tips for the diligent ones who listen to the podcast in advance of the big day and have time to practice. Leo even has advice to anyone listening to this podcast in their car while on their way to the basis.point golf classic!

So, if you need help to get it off the first tee, listen below.

Many thanks to Leo for co-hosting and for his expert advice. And good luck to all golfers at the basis.point golf classic!

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