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I have been called for a second Fitness & Probity interview by the Central Bank of Ireland. Help.

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

We received a query through our #WWRD - [What Would the Regulator Do] announcement a week or so back It was our intention to interact more with you, leaving a door wide open for people to submit their questions as it relates to the Central Bank of Ireland.

This particular query just landed and given the nature of the query, we felt it deserved a more timely response.

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An individual has been invited for a second Fitness & Probity interview by the Central Bank of Ireland and finds themselves; without much firm support, clearly under enormous strain and uncertain as to what this means, or what to do.

There are definitely a few things that could show up in 2020 to alleviate these type of situations; for example, more communication and clarity from the CBI as to why these things typically happen, what they mean, how to prepare and what's involved. No doubt more clarity would go a long way to alleviate worries of the unknown.

Secondly - firms could be doing more to support their people by recognising this situation exists alongside the impact on the individual going through this process.

Given #SEAR is on the horizon, this type of process is not likely to go away any time soon.

Firms could do a little more to make a big difference with their people.

That's the gist of the #WWRD for today. Full video link is here for your reference.

#WWRD - I have been called for a second interview by the Regulator. Help!

#WWRD queries and comments can be submitted to shannon at aquest dot ie in full confidence.

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