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[PARTNERSHIP] Fitness & Probity Preparation Interviews

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Aquest Advisory and Savvi Recruitment have developed a partnership in the area of Fitness & Probity Preparatory interviews to support firms and individuals that have this process as a requirement as part of their PCF role.

There has been an increased level of scrutiny across Fitness & Probity Interviews. That increased scrutiny has somewhat spooked the industry, that spooked industry is now having an impact on firms being able to efficiently resource senior positions.

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Then there is:

1. The CBI's expectations around; Diversity, Culture, Leadership.

2. The Individual's anxiety at going for an interview, never mind being called back for a second interview by the CBI.

3. The cost to a firm to get the right person for the role, only to have them back out of the role the moment they are called back by the CBI.

I've known Savvi Recruitment for a few years now; and I appreciate what both Jennifer and Therese bring to the Executive Search table; a former banker and a former tax advisor - they know the Financial Services industry from the inside out. A consultative approach to their clients - and they are smart.

Fitness & Probity Today, SEAR tomorrow - white paper.

We ran a CP86 Breakfast Briefing back in October that was wall-to-wall full - Savvi Recruitment's white paper on Fitness & Probity today, SEAR tomorrow got plenty of attention for the right reasons, it stimulated great conversation on the day and had many nodding in agreement that it was bang on. That white paper is here for any one who hasn't got their copy yet.

When Savvi Recruitment approached us about a collaboration in the area of Fitness & Probity Preparation Interviews; the synergies were clear. The context, vision and value from this partnership are shared in the video here:

Should you want to know more about Fitness & Probity Preparation Interviews for you or your firm, please contact Jennifer at SavviRecruitment dot com directly.

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