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Special Podcast Series: #First18 – Introduction

The Aquest Podcast: #First 18 Special Series

Part 1 – Key challenges faced by newly authorised Irish fund mancos

In the run up to the launch of our Special Report #First18: From Survive to Thrive, we have a special series of podcasts where we chat to industry experts about the key topics covered by the report.

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In Part 1, my co-hosts are Tara Doyle, Head of Asset Management and Investment Funds at Matheson and Grellan O’Kelly, Chief Risk Officer at Davy Group.  We chat about:

  1. the key challenges faced by newly authorised Irish fund management companies;

  2. the strategies new mancos are using to tackle these challenges; and

  3. how new mancos can drive their business forward once these initial challenges have been met.

Many thanks to Tara and Grellan for co-hosting.

Enjoy Part 1 and look out for Part 2 which will be available next week!

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