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The Aquest Podcast: CBI CP86 Inspections

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The Aquest Podcast – Getting Ready for an on-site CP86 inspection

Last Wednesday (20 November 2019), Matheson hosted a 'Knowledge Insights Event' on CP86 and Irish Management Companies with a particular focus on the Central Bank of Ireland's current thematic review on CP86 implementation. As part of the on-site inspection of that review process starts to get underway, the panellists spent some time sharing their insights on the inspection process and how firms should prepare.

Free Lunch and Learn with Daniel Lawlor

After the event, I caught up with Bronagh Maher, Professional Support Lawyer in Matheson's Asset Management and Investment Funds Department. Bronagh moderated the panel discussion and I was keen to capture her views on the discussion that had just taken place, the hot topics amongst attendees and the key takeaways.

Many thanks to Bronagh for taking time out to co-host and summarising so succinctly their CP86 event. Enjoy!

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