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The Aquest Podcast – Episode 13: Behaviour – Can firms really serve two masters?

The Aquest Podcast – Episode 13: Behaviour

Behaviour and culture – can firms really serve two masters?

In July 2018, the Central Bank of Ireland released a report on ‘Behaviour and Culture of the Irish Retail Banks’.  The report was complied following extensive interviews, questionnaires and observing board meetings of the five main Irish retail banks.  Interestingly, it was produced by supervisors with assistance from behavioural psychologists.

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For the February 2019 episode of the Aquest Podcast, I thought it would be interesting to find out more about behavioural psychologists, what behavioural triggers they are looking out for and what impact culture has on behaviour.

So for this episode my co-host is Shannon Eastman, a behavioural expert with a particular focus on behaviour in business.  Shannon is CEO and Founder of Teach A Brand To Fish, a b2b marketing firm that uses behavioural expertise as a key part of its methodology.

We chat about the Central Bank’s report and what bad and good behaviours look like.  We also chat about whether firms can be customer centric but also serve their own shareholders – can they really serve two masters?  Does human behaviour allow this?

Find out in Episode 13!

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