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85% off Funds and Fitness & Probity Masterclass through 7 May 2020.

Covid19 has invited us all to adapt, step up, and pull together.

Quite frankly, sign us up.

From now through 7th May, 2020, firms can save just about 85% on a bundled offer from Aquest Academy. Funds Masterclass and Fitness & Probity Masterclass have been bundled up and priced at just €999 for 3 employees for a 12-month subscription until 7th of May.

What's more, we will donate €250 to Basis Point and Irish Fund's COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for every €999 bundle we sell.

When you do the math, that works out to approximately €28/month for 12 months x 3 staff.



  • 10 Differences between AIFMD and UCITS

  • AIFMD in a Nutshell [2 parts]

  • Legal Structures for Irish Funds

  • UCITS in a Nutshell [2 parts]

  • Understand the Funds Rulebooks

  • What is a Fund? [2 parts]

  • Aquest CP86 Tutorials [3 parts]

  • Fund Administrator Outsourcing

  • Manco Capital Requirements [2 parts]

  • Money Market Fund Regulations [3 parts]

  • SFTR Explained

  • UCITS Eligible Access [2 parts]

  • UCITS Investment Restrictions [2 parts]

  • UCITS Performance Fees [2 parts]

  • UCITS Share Classes [2 parts]

  • Module 1: Introduction to F&P

  • Module 2: F&P for Firms

  • Module 3: F&P for Individuals

  • Module 4: The Regulator

  • Worksheets, Workbooks, Templates and Example Questions

Irish Funds and basis.point have teamed up to raise emergency relief funds to aid communities that are affected by the negative impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis.

basis.point is known for their efforts to support programmes primarily of education intended for children and families belonging to disadvantaged communities. Since the COVID-19 crisis has started, their programmes have been interrupted. But this does not stop them from giving relief and assistance to those who need it.

Irish Funds saw this as an opportunity to extend their support in such trying times. Despite being able to continue living as close to normal as they can, these two firms have kept those who are more vulnerable to this crisis in their thoughts. They have initiated and will support the following programmes in line with these fund-raising efforts:

  • 80 hot meals will be prepared and delivered by the Belvedere Youth Club in the North Dublin Inner City. The beneficiaries are those children in households that do not have the means to prepare homecooked food.

  • Learning materials such as playmats, books and toys will be sent to pre-school children who are living in unpleasant environments. Following social distancing, they will be then instructed remotely by trained family support workers via phone or video.

  • Activity and learning packs will be sent to homeless families currently based in Peter McVerry Trust family hubs to help parents keep their children entertained and occupied at such difficult times. The trust is supporting 102 families including 223 children, and are currently based in family hubs located across Dublin, Kildare, Louth and Meath.

Aquest is committed to investing in the community with which it lives and works in. If you have any insights or feedback for us, please send that directly to

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