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The easiest and smartest way to learn Irish Funds: AquestAcademy

If you are an Irish funds professional and find yourself having a hard time learning from the rules and regulations of the industry, down to every terminologies and acronyms, please know that it is understandable. As I have also gone through the tough ways to know more about these.

The only advantage you have now, however, is that there is this Funds Masterclass by AquestAcademy that can help you through your learning process much easier and a lot quicker.

The Masterclass offers online tutorials that tackle basic introductory materials and in-depth discussions on topics like UCITS eligible assets. It also provides in-depth tutorials that tackle the intricacies of the subject matter. Other perks in the Funds Masterclass include:

  • New live online tutorials every month

  • Interactive Q&As that is not limited to the current topics

  • Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks

Apart from the basic knowledge about the Funds industry, the Funds Masterclass is also equipped with the Intelligently LinkedUp Rulebooks, a technology that can save you 80 to 95% of the effort you would apply if you do study both Irish and European Funds Rulebooks manually.

You may have known that the current Irish and European Funds Rulebooks are so fragmented and you may have difficulties to navigate through it. Not to mention that it can be time-consuming to understand and to compare the one to the other.

If you want to expand your knowledge about the Irish Funds, then this is the perfect time to enrol in the Funds Masterclass. The Masterclass is normally available for €1600 per user. But if you sign up before 7th May, you will get an 85% discount off the Masterclass fee. For only €999 good for 3 people, you will also get a bundled Fitness & Probity Masterclass.

Plus we will donate €250 from each sale to basis.point's Covid19 Emergency Relief Fund.

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