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Prepare thoroughly for Fitness & Probity interviews with our Masterclass

Fitness & Probity has been a source of stress for those going through the PCF approval process by the Central Bank. The ones struggling are not just the individuals invited to the interview, but the whole firm as well as it complicates their recruitment process, too.

Aquest has observed this and has created the Fitness & Probity (F&P) Masterclass to alleviate this stress by firms by effectively helping them understand the process a lot easier. The masterclass carries out a modular focus to its about a dozen topics for optimal understanding of the F&P regime.

Get a complete understanding of the process from start to finish

Not only does the F&P Masterclass provide the necessary introductions to the regime and the rules & obligations applicable to the firm, to the individual, and to the regulator, but it is also equipped with helpful tools such as sample questions, mock interviews. resources, PDF guides, and policy templates. You will also get a human behaviour cheat sheet to walk you through the possible behaviours you might experience while being under stress during the process.

These resources altogether don't actually guarantee a definitive guide for your interview, but rather it will make you understand that you are a fit candidate for the obligation and that you just need to be prepared for the whole process. This will also help your firm to determine a fit and proper person to act on senior roles. This is an essential element in a firm's recruitment process and eventually, for their future applications and proposals, too.

The term fitness describes the individual who is capable of handling a senior role and has the right set of skills, expertise and competencies to take on the responsibilities. Probity, on the other hand, means that the necessary moral attributes such as honesty and integrity are "also being financially sound."

The focused modules and topics of the F&P masterclass are as follows:

Expected Benefits:

  • Clarity and Insight on what to expect from an F&P Interview with the Regulator

  • Tools, mock interviews and tips to ensure you are well prepared for your interview

  • Reassurance that your interview has the highest probability of success

  • €500 credit to use with Aquest Advisory

Normally. the masterclass is available for €750 +VAT per person. But in line with the global Covid-19 crisis, Aquest is offering it as a bundle with the Funds Masterclass for €999 good for 3 persons for 12 months. That saves you 85%! The offer is valid until 7th May.

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