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If you're called for interview by the CBI, mock interviews is how best to prepare.


Does your preparation need to be intense or can you get away with a lighter version of preparation? And how do we know which level in which situation?

One size does not fit all, by any means, and yet, with so many invitations to come meet the Regulator taking place right now, patterns are clearly emerging.

Preparation patterns for instance:

If it is only a single individual being called for what could be considered standard reasons, a lite preparation programme will provide a good level of support.

If a firm is being called, including 2 or more individuals, then chances are, a more intense programme could be warranted in full, or in part.

Why individuals fail F&P interviews is another patter:

Another pattern becoming more and more clear purely as a result of the number of individuals being called, withdrawing on second call, or failing the interview.

Our #WWRD Episode 7 - addresses this specific query - most common reasons why people fail F&P interviews.


An authentic experience means you know what to expect: When you have operated as a Regulator for 7 years, you think, feel, question, interpret and focus on specific areas of a regulated firm, or make connections between answers, from 30 minutes ago, to the one just presented, because its how you were trained, its how you worked, and its what you did.

Feedback sessions that are two-way: We will be able to give you insight into nuances, expectations and likely next steps.


Perform well under pressure? We can give you tips to improve that performance. Struggling to answer a question? We'll know to add that specific query to the list of weaknesses your firm will want to address.

Perform poorly under pressure? We'll share practical tips with you to become aware of how you come across under pressure, what to practice doing more of, and what to stop doing. Being self-aware is as important as having done your homework to prepare for the technical parts of the interview.


Why not cherry pick the level of support you think you need now, and if you find you need more later, then, cherry pick that too.

Lite with Aquest is 3hours per individual in a mock interview environment with an Ex-regulator and a Behaviour Specialist.

It looks something like this:

60-minutes in mock interview 1

60-minutes getting feedback on areas to improve and areas done well

30-minutes in mock interview 2 a few days later.

30-minutes getting feedback on how you improved over the last interview and the remaining areas to continue to focus on.

Intense preparation is best placed for a firm who has 2 or more individuals called for interview.

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Jun 20, 2022

Thank yyou for sharing this

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