The Aquest Podcast – Episode 10: ETFs

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

The Aquest Podcast – Episode 10: ETFs

Product development, regulation and what makes a fund ‘ETF-able’

For this episode of the Aquest Podcast, I am delighted to be joined by Adrian Mulryan, General Counsel at marketβeta.  Adrian is a funds lawyer by training, ETF expert, serial entrepreneur and genial conversationalist.

Our discussion focuses mainly on the present and future of ETFs – both in terms of product development and regulation.  We also touch upon what types of funds are capable of having an ETF wrapped around them i.e. what funds are ‘ETF-able’ – a term coined by Adrian during our conversation.

As both marketβeta and Aquest are approaching their first birthdays, we conclude our chat by touching on entrepreneurship and the experience of starting a new business in the funds industry.

Many thanks to Adrian for taking time out to share his insights on all things ETF.  Hope you enjoy the podcast!

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