The Aquest Podcast – Episode 9: Dublin Calling Debrief

The Aquest Podcast – Episode 9: Dublin Calling Debrief

A taster for what happened at our Brexit Briefing Event

For this episode of the Aquest Podcast, we took to the road and recorded in London just after our ‘Dublin Calling’ event there on 3 October.  The podcast features short interviews with Garret Sheridan (J Rothschild Capital Management), Katie Thurston (IDA Ireland) and Jennifer Cahill (Savvi Recruitment Consultants).

We chat about the topics which came up for discussion on the morning and the items of interest which most caught people’s attention.

Many thanks to Garret, Katie and Jennifer for taking the time out to give their feedback on Dublin Calling and for sharing their insights.  Enjoy the podcast!


11 Wynnefield Road, Dublin 6, Ireland 

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